Cels: something I have always admired and adored, but never really collected. I came across a fateful auction which tumbled me into the world of cels with a gorgeous Shining Noctowl cel. Since then, I've slowly begun dappling in Sailor Moon cels, in addition to expanding my Pokemon settei, douga, and genga collection.

I hope you enjoy your stay at Elysium & Tartarus, and please feel free to email me if you have any queries or would like to know more about things in my Gallery.

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Finish categorising Pokemon Settei and begin full scan archive

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7/12/2014Wow. Long time no update, huh? I've recently gotten some more free time on my hands, so I've been busily scanning stuff I'd not had a chance to put up here yet on days where I'm able to sit at the desk. For the most part this means I'm finally doing more work on cataloguing my Pokemon Settei, but I've also added in some Sailor Moon stuff I had forgotten to scan over a year ago, along with some Pokemon production sketches and a new cel! Thank you for your patience.

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Disney (1) 12/15/2013
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Sailor Moon Cels (6) 8/15/2014
Sailor Moon Douga (1) 7/12/2014

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