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BW20: Troll March
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: Unknown
Oversize, 18W x 9.6H

No Background

Added 2/24/2011
Updated 7/11/2014
From Episode 20 of Best Wishes:
Pikachu VS Sandile VS Duckling

I am very, very lucky to own this guy. I own a few of this little guy whom we've come to affectionately call Cap. My good friend Sui pointed an auction out to myself and fellow Pokemon animation enthusiast Gin. Gin and I proceeded to get into war-room like discussions on how we were going to take this auction for the genga and douga sheets out. The auction was listed in September/October of 2010, and we had at this point only just started the Pokemon BW anime heavily. The Pokemon were all new, there were unknowns in teams being shown, and then this little guy appeared in the preview pictures and my heart was stolen. Gin very carefully selected a good range of Koaruhii sketches for me to purchase from her, and I treasure every single one dearly. This one is a massive pan douga, the only douga of the episode I own.

This particular pan is such a tiny thing to show on the screen (only his tail feathers and wing make it) but I love the fact they animate him the whole way. So much that they had to extend the sheeting. Koaruhii/Ducklett is busy marching off with his newly-stolen hat much to the shock of Ash and co.

Given the Pokemon Anime has been coloured and inked digitally for so long, this is as close to a cel I can physically get without going and getting a fan cel painted for this douga.

To view any sequence mates to this gorgeous douga, please visit my friend Gin's page dedicated to this episode right here.

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