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BW20: Cap Salute
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: Unknown
Oversize, 14W x 11H

No Background

Added 2/24/2011
Updated 2/24/2011
From Episode 20 of Best Wishes:
Pikachu VS Sandile VS Duckling

I am very, very lucky to own this guy. I own a few of this little guy whom we've come to affectionately call Cap.

A mysterious Pokemon swoops in from the trees above and snatches Ash's cap! The culprit lands with the cap in his bill before proceeding to flip it onto his head backwards. 90's style!

This is part two of my Cap getto daze sequence where 'Cap' nicks off with Ash's hat. After he flips it onto his head he begins to raise his wing in a wave/salute before laughing at Ash.

To view any sequence mates to this amazing genga, please visit my friend Gin's page dedicated to this episode right here.

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