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046: Last Stand
Source: TV
Layers: 2
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A37
Standard size

Original Matching Background

Added 5/9/2011
Updated 4/21/2019
From Episode 46 of the Classic Series:
「うさぎの想いは永遠に! 新しき転生 」
Usagi's Everlasting Wish! A New Reincarnation

After questioning why Princess Serenity continues to defy her, Queen Metallia unleashes an even stronger blast of dark energy, almost obliterating the Princess.

This isn't something I ever really expected to own, honestly. One of my favourite sellers had this beauty up, along with a matching sequence mate from just before she strengthens her assault. The cel is made up of two layers, which are unfortunately (and expected, it's black after all) very stuck together. Regardless, it's still an utterly amazing piece of work, and really, is a reminder of just how crazy the days of hand-animation were. The effects layer comprises of her dark energy, with white airbrushing behind it.

Perhaps one day, when I have the time and funds, I'll send this cel away to be cleaned and repaired, since there are some minor sections where over time the cel has twisted and 'popped' off the other stuck piece and left traces of black on the under cel. There was also a godawful amount of tape up the top end, which I have managed to meticulously remove.

Animation Director: Kazuko Tadano (只野和子)

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