Sleeping Beauty

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Production Art: I Wonder
Source: Movie
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: 315
Oversize, 15.5W x 12.5H

No Background

Added 12/15/2013
Updated 5/4/2019
I never thought I would own anything from one of my most treasured and beloved Walt Disney movies; and yet here I am with this.

A sketch from the I Wonder sequence with Briar Rose by one of Disney's nine old men Marc Davis. It's difficult to scan in a conventional scanner as the movie was animated in quite a large widescreen ratio, necessitating careful scan stitching, but given the age of the piece it is in beautiful condition. I hope to one day get more sequence mates for this, along with some Maleficent sketches.

This exact frame is part of a master sequence that involved a background, two sets of bird cels, Briar Rose's cel itself, and a foreground overlay of a tree.

This piece is old; older than me (1988,) and just beaten out in age by my parents (1955 & 1957.) Due to the sheer age of this piece the page has some yellowing (minor) which I didn't edit out despite normally doing archival-level scans because I think it adds to the charm of it all.

Authenticity of piece was confirmed by Van Eaton Galleries.

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