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141: My Fair Hawk
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: C7
Standard size

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Added 8/15/2014
Updated 4/21/2019
From Episode 141 of the SuperS Series:
「恋の嵐! 美奈子のフタマタ大作戦 」
Storm of Love! Minako's Grand Two-Timing Plan

I've always wanted a cel of Hawk's Eye, but the fact I ended up treating myself to one on my birthday of a rare civilian attire Hawk's Eye was pretty awesome.

This episode is rather hilarious -- Minako schedules a date with Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye at the same time by accident, and thus she ends up running herself absolutely ragged to put on appearances at both dates.

In this section in particular, she takes Hawk's Eye (in his human disguise) into a movie theatre to buy herself some time with Tiger's Eye, leaving behind a fake hand with Hawk's Eye since he can barely see in the theatre due to how dark it is. The poor guy!

A gorgeous cel -- lacking in background or the other BG layers of people, but that's okay, because the star attraction is our bird-man himself. Even his glasses have fine airbrushing detailing! I love the serene look on his face as he genuinely tries to woo a Minako whom is just not there, too.

As expected with a cel of this age, there is a fair bit of line fading, especially given the rich skin pigments, but even so it's in remarkable condition.

Animation Director: Hisashi Kagawa (香川久)

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