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This section is dedicated to the Pokemon of Pokemon. Includes general model sheets, attack sheets, and attack sequence references from the anime directly.

99% of these are guaranteed to be used studio copies, and any that I am unsure of I will note appropriately. All Pokemon are listed alphabetically.

Due to the nature of having high quality clean scans of these resources here, all scans of settei on Elysium & Tartarus have been watermarked to avoid fake reproduction prints being made and circulated into collections. The watermark is non negotiable and will never be removed. Thank you for your understanding.

 Rayquaza: Model Sheet

 Spearow: Model Sheet

 Starly: Model Sheet

 Staravia: Model Sheet

 Staraptor: Model Sheet 1

 Staraptor: Model Sheet 2

 Staraptor: Brave Bird

 Staraptor: Close Combat

 Swablu: Model Sheet

 Swablu: Wing Fold

 Swellow: Aerial Ace

 Taillow: Model Sheet

 Tranquill: Model Sheet 1

 Tranquill: Model Sheet 2

 Turtwig: Model Sheet 1

 Turtwig: Model Sheet 1A

 Zapdos: Thunderbolt
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