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Pokemon — a series so popular around the world that it is known in almost every major country. The animated series began in 1997, branching out from the story of the original games. The series, though now entirely digitally animated (allowing for some amazing squash and stretch that was unheard of back in the days of celluloid pieces,) is still going to this day.

Pokemon production pieces are incredibly hard to come by, as OLM like to keep them tightly controlled and under wraps, but that doesn't mean they're all kept away under lock and key. With the advent of digital colouring, if you're trying to get production pieces from later series entires or movies you're trying to hunt for douga — the cleaned up animation sketches that were digitally scanned in for colouration.

Genga, on the other hand, are part of the process made towards douga - these are often pencilled more roughly to try time a sequence or an animation flow, or even to use as a base layout for perspective in a broader scene. Some genga can be incredibly rough, with characters only being mere blobs at points, but they are an important part of the animation process.

My biggest goal is to get at the very least one cel or sketch of my favourite Pokemon — most of which are actually birds as well.

Genga are ordered by sequence in the event of owning multiples from a single episode.

 ???: Darkrai Guards

 ???: Darkrai Unfurls

 ???: Darkrai Is Ready

 DP151: Champion Conference

 BW20: Cap Theif

 BW20: Cap Salute
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