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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon was a staple of my and many other kids childhoods, and still is quite popular and influential to this day. The series began in 1992 with 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon' and ran across 5 seasons, finishing in 1997 in 'Sailor Stars.'

Most of my current sketches come from the original series, as I have a strong adoration of Queen Beryl. In addition to her, I also try to get sketches for my other favourite characters: Nehelenia, Makoto Kino/Jupiter, Hawk's Eye, and Sailor Star Healer. All are showcased here regardless of series, but the series can be confirmed by the episode number used in the title.

Sketches are ordered by sequence in the event of owning multiples from a single episode.

 019: A Queen's Wrath

 046: Fight Another Day

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