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Pokemon Cels
Orville is my dream cel, my grail for Pokemon. A master set up would be amazing due to the intricacies of the background work in this Episode. Any Orville cel will do, he has so many since he has an entire episode, but the one of him looking on his OWN dream would be a treasure. Will Give Kidney
Another Orville the Pidgey cel. This, again, as a master set up would be amazing. This is another case where the background really makes the cel. Very High
Orville learning to fly. Another big want of mine. I love his face in this sequence, even managing to look cute when he falls on it. Very High
Pokemon Douga
Douga, and also genga, from the 12th Pokemon Movie are pretty much a major dream for me, especially if I could get some work of Arceus. Will Give Kidney
Pokemon Settei - Pokemon
Zapdos settei from the 2nd Pokemon Movie are pretty high up here; also would love a matching general Moltres sheet so I could have all the legendary bird sheets. High
Sailor Moon Cels
Queen Beryl OP bank cels. Would probably murder a few people to get them, frankly. Will Give Kidney
Sailor Jupiter henshin bank cels. Just. Enough said. Will Give Kidney
Any Queen Beryl/Queen Metallia cels I don't have. Very much looking for sequence mates to my own, along with entirely new pieces. Medium
Sleeping Beauty
Cels or sketches of Maleficent, or Briar Rose/Aurora would be a dream come true. Especially a master set up of the I Wonder sequence. Will Give Kidney

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